How to define and set custom paper size for printing

I am back to using Lubuntu after a long time, very excited to use / explore the lxqt DE, big congratulations and thanks for the fantastic efforts of the whole lubuntu community.

I want to define and set a custom paper size for printing. I was able to do this in the print dialogue in the linux mint (my previous desktop). In lubuntu I am able to use custom size to change the size of paper before printing in the print dialogue, but how to define a custom paper size with a name and set it as default. This option will be very useful to me, so any help appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome, and thanks for your LXQt comments.

The best mention of printers in the manual (settings) can be found at (although there are many references to print from apps elsewhere in the manual).

I rarely print, however selecting “Printers” (from menu, or Preferences->Printers) then “Printer Properties” and my printer’s Properties settings box opens; in the “Printer Options” tab I could change my Page size from it’s current A4 default, along with resolution, paper type, economy mode and other options. I think this is what you want/need.


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