How to configure CSA (Canada French) keyboard on a Apple MacBook Pro?

My computer is an Apple MacBookPro (17 inches, start 2009) Model A1297.
I have installed Ubuntu 22.10 from «lubuntu-22.10-desktop-amd64.iso».
Here is an url which shows what my keyboard looks like:

How can I configure Lubuntu to use the correct keyboard?

Have you tried adding it from keyboard layout?

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I tried to configure the keyboard as suggested.
Sadly, I couldn’t find a keyboard corresponding to my layout.

You don’t have a keyboard called French (Canada) ?

To configure the keyboard I use the following method:
→ Menu
→ Préférences
→ LXQt - Paramétrage du système
→ Clavier et souris
→ Disposition du clavier
→ Modèle du clavier => MacBook/MacBook Pro(intl.)
→ Disposition du clavier => French (Canada)
→ Variante => Canada (intl.)
Is this the correct method for keyboard configuration?
Do I have to reboot the system to activate a new configuration?

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I also found a reference to my keyboard in Wikipedia.

If the first one is selected it should work right away.

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