How to completely remove LibreOffice in Lubuntu 20.04

Is there a terminal command (or commands) that will completely remove LibreOffice in Lubuntu 20.04?



There’s gotta be a cleaner way than this.

sudo apt purge libreoffice-core
sudo apt autoremove

That actually won’t do it all - at least not in my testing this. It’ll leave a reference in your application menu and another meaningless file. The menu item doesn’t do anything when you click it so you might as well delete it. You could probably use the terminal and do something like sudo rm /usr/share/applications/libreoffice*

Alternatively, use the file manager to open /usr/share/applications with root and delete the two references to LibreOffice.


I’m not running Lubuntu 20.04 (focal) and I’m not in position currently to do some quick tests on the effects of what I’d normally do before replying.

On my box I firstly

guiverc@d960-ubu2:~$   apt-cache depends lubuntu-desktop |grep libre
  Recommends: libreoffice-calc
  Recommends: libreoffice-gtk3
  Recommends: libreoffice-impress
  Recommends: libreoffice-qt5
  Recommends: libreoffice-style-breeze
  Recommends: libreoffice-writer

thus I’d expect just removing those to achieve the result. Normally I’d test this on a focal install, but sorry with current pain issues I’m incapable of checking.

Yes a quick check on the focal manifest there are other libreoffice packages listed; but I’d expect those to be removed when you apt autoremove.

You can look on your focal system to see if you get what I did on my jammy box; or look what David/@KGIII provided. He tested which I currently cannot sorry.

My next QA-test install is intended to be focal (ie. 20.04.4 testing) but I’m currently in no state to perform that (and why I’ve not tested what I’d suggest; and was so in completing this quick-reply).

NOTE however: They are depends for Lubuntu, so certain updates may cause them to be re-installed. Yes you can prevent this, but if you do, you risk leaving a minefield that will bite when release-upgrade time comes (ie. move to 22.04) so for sure note it as you’ll likely need to reverse any pins or changes that prevent re-install unless you opt to not release-upgrade to later releases.

As already stated; also note I didn’t do my usual QA testing to ensure no adverse effects (I don’t expect any) I usually do before replying; but currently I cannot.


Thanks - I completely forgot to mention this aspect. I have no idea if they’ll be installed again. I just happened to still have a 20.04 VM kicking around. I just uninstalled it today, so there’s zero long-term testing.

Honestly, I’d just leave it installed.

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