How to change keyboard layout? (18.04.2 LTS)

Is setxkbmap the only way to change keyboard layout? Is there a GUI for it? How do I find a list of the layouts and variants (e.g. US English QWERTY, US English Dvorak)?

There’s a solution. You just need to add it to the panel:

keyboard layout

  1. Right click on the system tray.
  2. Click “Add/Remove Panel Items.”
  3. Click the “+ Add” button in the “Panel Preferences” window.
  4. Scroll down and click on “Keyboard Layout Handler” in the “Add plugin to panel” window and click the “+ Add” button.
  5. Right click on the flag icon that appears in the far right of the system tray. If you didn’t install with US, you might not get the American one.
  6. The “Keyboard Layout Handler” window has lots of options but will not allow you to change model, options, or layouts unless you uncheck “Keep system layouts,” so do that.
  7. Click “+ Add” under “Keyboard Layouts.”
  8. Add the layouts you like.
  9. Move layouts up and down to your liking.
  10. Click the “X Close” button.