How put acentuation in the keyboard<

My keybord fot default don`t have acentuation, like interrogation and these things… how can i configure this<

Do you mean things like:


If so, pick a different keyboard layout that has them. I use “English (intl. with AltGr dead keys)”.

no, is for use interrogation point (?) and other characteres, i belive that the keyborad it’s not configured to english for use characteres like this, but in keyboard don’t give me the option to change, where can i do this?

If your keyboard physically has these keys, then it’s a matter of getting the right keyboard layout.

if the keyboard does not, then you might want to look into setting up the Compose key.

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Right. I use a keyboard layout that lets me type those. They’re not physically on my keyboard, they’re a keyboard layout.

While ? is on my keyboard, ¿ is not.

To type it, I use the left Alt. I can also use the right Alt and Shift key as modifiers.

Œ vs œ or even ¶ vs °.

It’s called a keyboard layout. Sadly, I know of nowhere to look them up and learn about the differences. I had to try until I found the one I wanted - and it isn’t even universally named across distros or probably even long-term across the same distro. So, you’ll have to try them until you find the one that you like.

You can even use multiple keyboard layouts, and switch between them.

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This sounds a lot like what I mean by the Compose key, but it offers more flexibility in that you can set your own modifiers and define different combinations. Heck, I’ve even got some emoji set up to work that way. I use right Alt, personally. So if I wanted an ellipsis, one of the pre-configured options is Alt.. and that gives me a very nice …, which I might add is a wonderful alternative to the terrible … which is technically syntactically incorrect.

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