How do i make Lubuntu 18.04 look like Lubuntu 19.10+? (WIth the new theme and desktop environment)

Is it possible to replicate the theme of Lubuntu 19.10 (The theme, icons and also the desktop environment) on Ubuntu 18.04?
I really like the look of the newer Lubuntu but the instalation keeps failing (explanation on askubuntu, if someone could help) and also because Lubuntu 18.04 is LTS so I won’t have to update very soon.

I have tried to install LXQt on Lubuntu 18.04 but I failed because I didn’t know the proper steps and what packages to install. I also don’t know what theme and icons is used on Lubuntu 19.10 because I don’t think default LXQt looks like Lubuntu 19.04

So the short question is:
How do I install LXQt and the themes from Lubuntu 19.10 on Lubuntu 18.04?

Or maybe I should just wait for Lubuntu 20.04 LTS? Which apparently is going to be released on April, 2020?
But I still want to know how to install LXQt and the themes on Lubuntu 18.04 though…


If you want to test Lubuntu 20.04 now on your hardware, you can download the daily right now and ‘give it a spin’.

(I didn’t navigate down to Lubuntu myself, as being a ‘daily’ the link becomes stale very quickly, but select Lubuntu and you’ll get to a QA (quality assurance) test options where ‘Link to the download information’ can be found near the top. That allows downloading for testing including installation purposes, but being a development release there will be many updates, and problems may be encountered).

Lubuntu 18.04 LTS is the last with LXDE, and thus doesn’t directly have an upgrade path (but yes, it has/had? three years of supported life though near 2/3rds is already gone).

With 19.10, have you tried editing your grub to remove 'quiet splash’ on the linux kernel line (sorry I missed you had 19.10 installed on askubu; sorry I thought until now it was installation problems; why I stressed check-media… ). By removing these options you may see more helpful information, also I’d probably then try adding a ’ 1 ’ to force the boot to stop at runlevel 1 (no gui desktop, a maintenance like mode).

Currently I don’t have any ideas, so I’d be hoping to see something. I’d also likely try another flavor/Ubuntu itself (I got the feeling it was a clean install, so data to lose, but maybe I’m wrong) as I suspect given your comments its not Lubuntu specific…

What 18.04 media did you install from? or really I’m asking if you are using the GA (general or 4.15) or HWE (hardware enablement or 5.3 being 19.10’s) kernel? It just occurred to me maybe you’re using the GA kernel, thus why you’re doing better with 18.04…

I don’t understand what you mean by GA (general or 4.15) or HWE, I just downloaded it from the download page, used rufus to write the image to a flashdrive and booted off of the flashdrive, the problem also occurs on the booting process to the instalation live cd and while booting to the installed lubuntu 19.10 on my hdd

also im not trying to upgrade from 18.04 to 19.10, im trying to just make it look like 19.10 without actually upgrading

Sorry for being confusing & skipping & me leaving detail out.

When you download Lubuntu (ie. there are multiple ISOs that can be used, eg. 18.04, 18.04.1, 18.04.2, … 18.04.4; at the page it’ll provide 18.04.4 by default (and that page provides 20.04 far easier than what I describe too I notice! sorry)

What I was asking (badly) was which you used, and whether or not you had HWE enabled. The first two 18.04 ISO’s use the generic kernel (4.15 kernel), the later ones use the HWE or hardware enablement stack kernels, meaning 18.04.2 uses 18.10’s kernel, 18.04.3 uses 19.04’s, 18.04.4 uses 19.10’s.

My thought was if you’re using 18.04.4 & 5.3 kernel, some of your 18.04 system is already running low-level parts of 19.10 so it’ll likely not be kernel related. If however you installed using an early 18.04 ISO and using the 4.15 or GA kernel, your system will be using a much older software stack.

The easiest way to know is to use the following command

uname -r

guiverc@d960-ubu2:/de2900/lubuntu/qa_testing/ubuntu-manual-tests/testcases/image$   uname -r

If the result a 4.15 you’re using the original or general kernel. If 5.3 you’re using 19.10’s stack & HWE. If something else (4.18, 5.0) you’re very behind on upgrades :slight_smile: or for my example, I’m running Lubuntu 20.04 (and haven’t rebooted to be on the later kernel yet).

I just realized you’re the same person from askubuntu, but i have given up on trying to install 19.10 or 20.04 (both have similar issues although i haven’t tested 20.04 as much as 19.10) because I’m sick right now and just don’t wanna deal with rebooting my laptop a bunch of times because i also have online classes.

So right now I’m just trying to replicate the desktop environment setup on Lubuntu 18.04 somehow, but i’m too sick and busy with school so I’ll have to leave this Lubuntu LXQt thing for later.

Also thanks for helping me (here and on askubuntu too) and giving me details on what could help solve my issue, i will try to continue this later when I’m not too busy and not sick.


What you’re asking for, ultimately, is really not very easy. 18.04 uses the GTK toolkit and 19.10 the Qt toolkit, so all the theming requirements are entirely different.

I have successfully installed all the things that i wanted (lxqt, the theme and the icons) it looks close enough and its good enough for me. There are some small weird problems but im still too busy to solve all of them right now.

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