How do I install virtualbox 7.1 on lubuntu 22.10

I’m currently running lubuntu kinetic 22.10 and I have virtualbox 6.1.38 installed. I want to upgrade to virtualbox 7.1 but I don’t see it offered in muon

I thought about getting the virtualbox 7.1 .deb package and installing it but I’m concerned about it working with qt.

Does anyone know if it is possible to install virtualbox 7.1 on a lubuntu 22.10 system?

Maybe this will help you → How to Install VirtualBox 7.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 – TecAdmin

Replace the virtual box 7.0 with 7.1 if needed

Thanks for the reply. Yep, I saw a few articles on how to install virtualbox 7.1 on 22.04 and one on installing on a 22.10 system. My main concern is with its integration with qt. My local installation has virtualbox-qt installed with the comment “Qt based interface”. Is this interface a required, key component that I wouldn’t have if I install virtualbox 7.1 on my own. I noticed that virtualbox 7.0 was released in October 2022 but it still hasn’t made it’s way to the repositories and I was trying to find out why, and in the case of lubuntu, if qt was an issue.

Thank again.

You probably won’t have an issue installing VirtualBox from VirtualBox’s website.

The reason Lubuntu still ships an older version of it is because most software in a release of Ubuntu is kept at the same version as when that release was released. So the version of VirtualBox you see in Lubuntu 22.10 is almost certainly the same version that was there when Lubuntu 22.10 was first released. Ubuntu adds bug and security fixes to older versions of software rather than updating software to newer versions most of the time.

In my experience, the version of VirtualBox for Ubuntu 22.04 works on 22.10.

As an aside, Lubuntu 22.10 only has three more months before it goes end-of-life and stops receiving support and updates. You may want to consider upgrading to Lubuntu 23.04 before then.

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Ok. Thanks for the info. I’ll upgrade to 23.04 and see what version of virtualbox it has. If necessary, I’ll use the .deb from virtualbox website.

Thanks again.

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