How do I display two windows as split screen?

Hello. i meant for something like this.split
In windows I use “windows key” + “left/right arrow”. Is there something similar in lubuntu?

Hmm… I haven’t tested this, but it seems to cover LXQt.

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Are you talking about the Aero Snap function ?

You can use wmctrl to manipulate windows.

sudo apt-get install wmctrl

Preferences > LXQt Settings > LXQt Configuration Center > Shortcut Keys

Add two shortcut keys e.g

enter 1st command from the above link/post (WIDTH=… 0,0,$HALF,-1)

bash -c "<paste here>"

enter 2nd command from the above link/post (WIDTH=… $HALF,0,$HALF,-1)
bash -c "<paste here>"

(These entries are for Win+LeftArrow and Win+RightArrow.
After entering, the form will replace double quotes with single quotes. The reason why I didn’t post the commands here is because I couldn’t enter the backward single quote which is used in the commands)

I think some people got it work for the mouse too, but the thread was too long and I fell asleep.


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