How do I configure a Openbox desktop instead of the Lubuntu one?

Hi everybody!

I love Lubuntu session, I have to say: fast, reliable, beautiful, with all the goodities and stability of a modern desktop environment. I have one user that starts session in Lubuntu desktop for production and work.

But for the sake of tinkering and joy I have a second user which I want to have with the Openbox session and desktop. I configured the usual suspects /in ~/.config/openbox, i.e. rc.xml, autostart, menu.xml, and for some other settings I used the great LXQt apps that comes with Lubuntu. But I cannot make it to remember things, like the order of monitors, the background/wallpaper, the swapping of mouse buttons, etc. Just to clarify, all the settings in rc.xml are working OK, such as shortcuts.

Clearly I am doing something wrong, hence I ask for help.

What is the right config process to have Openbox desktop settings permanent?

Never mind my question!
I solved it by only modifiyng the ~/.config/openbox/autostart file. Everything that I need I put it there, except for the swapping of mouse buttons, that is in .Xmodmap.

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