How can you take a picture in Lubuntu please?

Hello everybody,
I have to take a picture of myself. Please, how do you do this within Lubuntu?

Since I can’t find anything in the manual and I don’t recall ever having a camera app by default in Lubuntu, you can just install whatever webcam app you can trust from Discover (or Muon). These apps (already on your system) are for getting software installed on your Lubuntu system… an example app you can install is maybe Webcamoid because that’s the first one I found in a list I Googled. I’ve never used it but feel free to look for others.

On Lubuntu and other Ubuntu flavors I have used cheese and I hate to recommend it but Zoom does work OK but with varying degrees of security , privacy and computer resource issues.

If you just want to take pictures cheese is much safer, cleaner and uses little computer resources. I would highly recommend try cheese first.

If you need Zoom conferencing the Linux Zoom client does work but note it is a huge computer resource hog, security/privacy nightmare with long ugly manual updates. If you need to Zoom all day like some do for work Windows 10/11 possibly could be better option… I really hated typing that last sentence. Note the Mac OS Zoom client is by far the most dangerous as no one on the planet should use it !

Full discourse: I use my wife’s Windows laptop for family zooms and printing (via home NAS running Linux) . All other tasks I use various Linux distributions.


I just installed Cheese and took a photo on Lubuntu 22.04 and the application works well as does Guvcview. Your choice. Both are available.


Cheese is a very popular application for taking photos with your webcam. Kamoso is another option if you wanted to utilize the Qt toolkit. It is also available as a flatpak.


Another perspective:

Even a pretty basic smart phone, even some flip phones, will have a better camera than the webcam that came with a laptop. So, that’s what I’d do. I’d take the pic on my phone and then transfer it to my computer.


If you have vlc (media player),
Media > Open Capture Device

Select Video device name
(and then one of the menus should have a snapshot tool).


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