Hibernate Doesn't do anthing when I click on it

Hello, I am having a problem where I can’t hibernate my machine when I click on the hibernate option. it shows a prompt asking you whether you want to hibernate or not, but when I click Yes, it doesn’t do anything. Can anyone help?

Could you tell us what brand and model your machine is? Something like “Dell Latitude 5420” is what I’m looking for.


This might also depend on how you put Lubuntu on your system. By default, I don’t think Lubuntu will create swap for you unless you specify during install via the manual partition setup.

Please see the following resources for guidance/clarity:


The last resource mentions this:

Hibernation (suspend-to-disk) The hibernation feature (suspend-to-disk) writes out the contents of RAM to the swap partition before turning off the machine. Therefore, your swap partition should be at least as big as your RAM size.

What is mentioned for Lubuntu probably still applies and should still be applicable for current releases.


It is an Asus E402Y-GA607T. you can google it.

I’m not sure though. I don’t really install other OS’s beside windows.
My brother did the setup.

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