Hi. What is Lubuntu going to do about Ubuntu considering dropping x86-64v2 and lower?

Hi. I’m conerned for this descision, as Lubuntu is a lightweight distro, and runs perfectly on hardware older than 2015. Lubuntu developers, what are your opinions?

I’ve yet to see anything about dropping x86-64v2 or lower, so if you have a source I’d be interested in it.

I have seen

in fact we highlight them in the ~current UWN 818

Trying out Ubuntu 23.04 on x86-64-v3 rebuild for yourself

Michael Hudson Doyle provides a link to a prior post on “Optimising Ubuntu performance on amd64”, with this post continuing on from that post. Michael provides a link to where you can download a Ubuntu 23.04 installer for x86-64-v3 ISA. We’re warned this image will not get security or other updates, as its intended for testing or benchmarks.


where the summary (in UWN) for the article says they were for testing or benchmarks.

Have you other sources? or am I missing something? (disclaimer: I’m quoting myself if you scan the UWN history). I’ve seen no decision being represented by Ubuntu or Canonical. (and that’s either in terms of Lubuntu, or with my Ubuntu News hat on too) I don’t see research as something to worry about.