Help! I really need to disable "close window with middle button click"


I’m really tired of this anti-feature: when I accidentally click on minimized window tabs using the middle-button area of my touchpad, windows are closed and processes running on them are of course killed.

HOW can I disable this absurd anti-feature, please? I’m really getting beyond annoyed by now, and considering moving to another distro after a decade because of this.

Using Lubuntu 22.04, which is, I believe, latest LTS available.

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As described in the manual:

To close windows on a middle click check the checkbox Close on middle-click

So make sure it’s unchecked.

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Where is that option exactly???

R-click Taskbar > Configure “Task Manager” > General > Close on middle-click


At LONG last!! This anti-feature has been torturing me for years.
Could it be possible to have it set to OFF by default?
Any Lubuntu devs around here? Where should I ask?

@Humpty, thanks, really, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

There is a whole development category:

My main machine has a touchpad on it and I’ve never had this issue before but I could see it being frustrating. Certainly no such thing exists in Windows I don’t think. I’d bring it up in development and we can go from there.

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