GUI for Apache 2

Is there a GUI interface for Apache on Lubuntu 20.04

Apache2 is not part of a Lubuntu standard installation. Lubuntu is a desktop distribution for client-side use, to browse the web, write emails, do office stuff, artwork and so on.

Apache2 is a webserver and typically runs on a server. Linux server don’t have graphical user interfaces and there is simply no need to have a GUI. Apache has some specific commands to administer the webserver and you have to edit some configuration files.

How can a GUI help you doing these things? Do you need a textbox to enter the filename and a button to click (and one to cancel) instead of writing sudo a2enconf some_file.conf?
And how can a GUI help you with modifying configuration files? To edit a file, there are a lot of command line tools like nano, vim, emacs, sed. The GUI does not replace the knowledge you must have to run a webserver. If you don’t have the knowledge, you should not run a webserver.

Maybe you can describe first, what you try to do? Than it will be much easier to give you an answer, that solves the problem.


There’s this thing which I must say looks hokey as all get out and does little more than what a text editor would do, but there you go. Please do not ask us for help with that if you have any trouble. There’s clearly linked support options on their page. It’s their software, not ours. We don’t know anything about it (and don’t want to!).

I should add, I agree with everything mentioned above:

  • Typical servers don’t have graphical environments of any kind, including a desktop. Among other reasons, it’s added overhead that will negatively affect the uptime of your services.
  • Servers generally come with well-commented configuration files and extensive documentation, all of which can be read through the command line, so a GUI does not help. GUIs are good for representing graphics since that’s what the G stands for. As far as representing text, they offer no real advantage.

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