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I am new to Lubuntu. Currently on 18.04. I currently get a nice look with Adapta and Yaru working nicely on this version. I am able to use some icon packs too.

Wondering where do you talk about graphics, as in icons, wallpaper etc ? Is there any thread on the same ? Thanks.

Welcome to the Lubuntu community @meetdilip

I’m don’t know where the best place to talk/discuss themes & configuration settings for LXDE is, but this site is appropriate for Lubuntu :slight_smile: .

Many of us on Lubuntu use the newer LXQt desktop (Lubuntu 18.10 & up), so what works for us may not work for you, and vice-versa. The switch from one desktop to another does sort of split our community a little for desktop specific (like themes), however many things (eg. openbox) remain pretty much the same regardless of LXDE/LXQt.

The best resource for Lubuntu (LXDE) themeing is likely which includes a few places you can go for resources.

I can’t offer more, I’ve a directory on a server where i’ve put themes I’ve liked over the last decade+ (most will be from ), copy them to a new machine & just pick one I think will work for me. (my screenshot will show I’m not gifted aesthetically :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for the warm welcome @guiverc

I was feeling a bit lonely after installing Lubuntu DE over 18.04. Very happy to find other Lubuntu users. Any info on how much RAM will be required for 20.4 ?

I not good with themes, but luckily Yaru and Adapta cover 18.04. I can do a bit or Inkscape and GIMP, so often customise icons to my choice on my local machine.

I hope I will be able to spend more time and learn more about Lubuntu.

Sorry I don’t know, Lubuntu no longer provides minimums but really they weren’t very useful anyway. I still use x86 laptops that have only 1gb of RAM, but I wouldn’t use them in the same way I do with this 8gb desktop.

I will say I tested Lubuntu 18.10 (x86 or i386) on single core pentium M laptops with 1gb of ram & was most happy. I continued to test 19.04 until x86 was sunsetted and ISOs stopped being produced. Either way LXQt is very light, and those really lower-powered laptops ran LXQt better than the alternatives as they moved from GTK2 to GTK3 (ie. MATE & XFCE; though on more powerful cpu’s the difference I felt on pentium Ms was less pronounced; let alone this being very subjective). On x86_64 boxes I use in testing, I have 2gb or more of ram.

The point I’m trying to make is, I find LXQt & Lubuntu very light. Yes Ubuntu has made changes that may impact some users (eg. chromium as a snap for example, but we ship with firefox anyway by default :slight_smile:), but on any OS I’d always be careful with application choice if <4gb of ram.

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