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Neofetch / Libinput list-devices

Guys, I’m having trouble with my touch panel. I’m using a lattepanda v1, generally it come with Windows and on Windows the touch works like a charm, without problems, but I’m not interesting in using Windows on it, the hardware is not so good and Windows take a lot of ram.
So I went to Lubuntu and everything is working good too, unless the touch panel, that the touch looks inverted.

I already used the “xinput_calibrator” but it change nothing. I did some researchs but can’t make it work as it’s expected.

Is there any way to fix that?

Video showing how it’s working right now

You might be able to fix it with a TransformationMatrix.
Maybe these two links will help.


Thank you!

These links helped me a lot. Another link that help me was this. I was confused about the 9 parameters, when I finally understand the values and position (x,y,z) It becomes easy to fix this haha.

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