Gone for good I think

The help is good here if you already know something about computers and linux, but if you post something yourself that does help, it is considered nonsense. And again if you can’t even bother making a good list to set everything up properly after installation because you are too stubborn to see how they do that bu Ubuntu or linux mint then I’d rather go to another Linux Distro, plenty of choice. Lubuntu 20.04 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 so for any errors and bugs you should check there. that in itself is not a problem if it is not that Lubuntu is qt and Ubuntu GTK, so that blindly following orders to be executed can sometimes disrupt the entire system, after which a new installation is sometimes necessary.
Lubuntu is indeed a very good Linux Distro, but I think the information for newcomers is insufficient and amateurish

Thank you and good bye.

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