For those who have 32-bit systems, please migrate to debian 32-bit. Lubutnu 18.04 is end of life

Debian is more user-friendly these days.

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Two days ago Debian 12 was released officially. I like its LXQt implementation. I’ve been using it in its unstable incarnation already for at least half a year. With a recent enough kernel (at least for my laptop the WiFi adapter worked out of the box, which was not the case with Lubuntu 22.04). Recent enough LXQt (1.2.0), but who needs “higher” anyway?

As I’ve written a few times before on this discourse, why would the good Lubuntu-people still bother to spend their precious hours on delivering a Lubuntu distribution?

Actually Ubuntu 18.04 LTS end of life was Jun 2023.
Lubuntu 18.04 LTS was ended in Apr 2021 but I don’t care, I still use it.

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I’d install Ubuntu, grab the Pro subscription (which ends up giving you ten years of support), and then install LXDE on top of it.

Or not…

In my testing example of one, I was able to get Pro configured on a Lubuntu 22.04 system with nary a problem. So, you might be able to do that with the 18.04 base.

I’d suggest adding that if you have not already. That way, you’re still getting security updates. Those updates should trickle down and the bad part is that you can’t get official support.

I wouldn’t just keep running 18.04 without updates - especially when many updates are still available for it. Pro (used to be called Advantage, I guess) is perfectly free for on five devices.

That said, as much as I love my Ubuntu/Lubuntu, I’d also be joining the Debian train at this point - if I had a reason to use 32 bit software. I haven’t needed 32 bit software in a long, long time.

Oh… Wow…

In the computer timeline, I think I’ve now used 64 bit longer than I used 32 bit. I used computers with 8 and 16 bits for a long time, but I might have been on 64 bit longer than I used 16 bit computers.

Don’t forget not all architectures are supported with Ubuntu Pro.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will remain fully supported until April 2028 with an Ubuntu Pro subscription. Ubuntu Pro is available for amd64, arm64, s390X, and PowerPC architectures.

ie. release announcements never said i386 or armhf (32-bit architectures) were supported in Ubuntu 18.04 Pro; they only listed 64-bit architectures.

If you’re using one of the supported architectures then extending 18.04’s life is possible, but that won’t help any 32-bit users (either i386 or armhf).


That is why i said a move to debian is better for i386.


For those who are new to linux, it is good enough.

I made a slight edit:

Ack! I did not know that. I still get updates here and there for the system mentioned. Though, I haven’t booted it in a while.

Now that I think about it, those updates may be from 3rd party repositories.

So, yeah, I’d go with Debian!