Flatpak question

Hi, ive added flatpak for discovery.

I’m trying to add Chip daily flatpak.

I’m running 21.10. It pops an error saying it needs runtime org.freedesktop.Platform/ x86_64/19.08 which is not found

I thought flatpaks fixed dependency problems. and/or what do i need to dl/enable freedesktop runtime?



I don’t understand what you’re trying to do exactly.

Try flatpak update -v and reboot.

If that doesn’t work, try this and reboot:

flatpak uninstall --unused

I don’t understand what app you’re trying to install.

I’m trying to install the daily build of the program chirp. The Repository version doesn’t work on my radio. It didn’t when I used Kubuntu 5 years ago. So I went to the developer site and they only offer the flatpak.

I ended up using my wife’s computer it’s running WindowsFx, a version of Neon that emulates win 10.

I just tested this and I can confirm that trying to install this Flatpak for chirp from their website indeed results in an error: … the runtime org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/19.08 was not found.

After some research, the problem does not seem to be Ubuntu/Lubuntu but rather the developer for this Flatpak.

I found a bug report on their own issue tracker and there is already a post mentioning the important fine print:

Flatpak: Freedesktop SDK 19.08 runtime is end-of-life

The bug report:

Based on that report, I’m assuming this means the way Flatpak operates, it’s simply not going to have that outdated runtime in use or available for the bundle to install correctly as it’s become EOL.

The somewhat good news is that chirp is already in the Ubuntu repos so you can install it via apt or Discover/Muon quite easily… I looked it up and it popped up from both sides.

I don’t know why the developers for that app/Flatpak haven’t updated it but this looks to be a problem on their side. I would bring up the issue to them directly via their site if you’re still dead set on getting the Flatpak working. Otherwise, I’m not too sure what else can be done aside from the repo package.

For figuring out how to install apps with Discover, you can use the Lubuntu manual as a guide:

Good luck!


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