Facing Issue Installing Lubuntu 20.04

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to install lubuntu 20.04 on my dell laptop i5 10 gen , but unable to install it. I’ve attached the picture please anyone help me out

How did you partition the system?

i’ve tried in both ways manual partition and other ways too not working

Just to clarify, you are not trying to dual boot on this PC?

It’s odd that the Erase disk option also produces the same error.

I’m trying to dual boot in my pc having windows 11 already now trying to do lubuntu 20.04 bt facing this issue

What is the partition layout you have for manual partitioning?

70 gb out of 300gb in the manual partitioning

I think he means what layout did you prescribe for the system when you tried manual partitioning?

Basically, what partitions did you specify in this step during install:

What partitions did you create? How many and for what mount points (e.g. / or /home)


i didnt do this kind of step… while clicking partitions i’ve got four check boxes first i checked the checkbox install alongside the windows , it doesnt work … so i’ve checked the checkbox replace partition but both ways i couldnt solve

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