Epson printer drivers. XP-235

Hi guys. Mx linux and linux mint have the Epson XP series printer drivers available in printer setup for download
Will someone please add them for lubuntu18.04 ?
Note : Mint didn’t have them either then they appear suddenly as im 2 weeks searching for help.

Epson doesn’t list it at all and Gutenprint, who is responsible for printer drivers in Linux, mentions other XP printers but not the 235. Maybe try the 240 or 245.

I have xp-235 driver on linux mint on differnt pcScreenshot from 2020-01-01 19-13-43

On that PC, what version of the printer-driver-gutenprint package do you have?

Also what does lpstat -v -p <name of your printer> return? Note that’s the shortname of the printer, i.e. the one without spaces.

Mint pc is waiting for new psu. Ill check these when possible.
Note. I had the exact same issue finding drivers on mint . then about 2 weeks later they appeared.
This is my thread from mint forum…

Looks to me there that you installed the upstream drivers from Epson.

I did at the start but it never worked.

Mint and (L)Ubuntu are the same thing really. The most recent Mint is based on Ubuntu 18.04. They use Ubuntu archives. So everything that works in Mint should work in Ubuntu in vice versa except in very rare cases. Certainly when it relates to installing an external Debian package, it should be exactly the same. So maybe you did something wrong and should try again.

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