Enabling Korean keyboard input method in Lubuntu

Hi there, Im a bit perplexed on how to enable Korean input method in Lubuntu.

What Ive done

  1. Ive installed the packages for Korean input method
  2. Ive checked after several reboots but there are still zero input methods available on Fcitx.
  3. On IBus, I can add and find the Korean keyboard but as far as I can tell it doesnt change anything. Im unable to switch to a different keyboard with any of the 4 or 5 assigned and attempted trigger input methods aka keyboard shortcuts for changing the keyboard.
  4. Ive added IBus startup configurations to .bashrc.

(Are IBus and Fcitx even supposed to coexist? Or only one.)

Lubuntu 21.10 and Macbook Air 7.2 More details below. Thanks in advance for any help.


Print too big to fit into post limitations, here’s a txt file: http://u.pc.cd/MKM

I may be barking up the wrong tree, but I’d just try changing the keyboard layout. You’re only asking about the input method, so I’d just change the keyboard layout and then delete any keyboard layout I’m not using. I do the same thing, but I just a different keyboard layout that’s still English.

Here’s an image that’ll help a little:

That’d be what I’d try first but, again, that’s just changing the keyboard layout.

Right. I have done this and I can tell that the layout changes, but the characters remain Latin.

Still having this issue. Any ideas?

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