Dual screen setup 'settings not remembered' (24.04 LTS)

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Dual screen setup (horizontal left & right) not remembering positions with the default monitor settings gui.

With previous lubuntu i always have to untick the ‘keep monitors attached’ and make i tiny gap between them to display correctly.

On 24-04 LTS after reboot ‘keep monitors attached’ is ticked again and therefore wrong positioning of screens.

The displays in use (widescreen 1080p & old square 1024, previous lubuntus remembered settings.

Will continue to play around myself and edit this post accordingly.

[i have yet to see if any other gui variations such as LXRandR will remember the settings instead]

All other monitor gui’s do not save the settings but i have found a workaround.

I rearranged my display cable positions & reinstalled lubuntu with the left 1024 4:3 display seen as the automatic main default. I then just changed the right hand monitor to be main default and everything is correct and saves / remembered after boot.