Draft release announcement for Lubuntu 20.10 - Groovy Gorilla

Hi all,

Can you think of writing, and updating, a draft release notes / release announcement for each release?

Instead of simply writing Lubuntu xx.xx release, please head on here to download, can add set of features / improvements / updates introduced in the release.

It will be easier, if adding each point when it is getting implemented in the distribution and will be helpful for bloggers / vloggers / other media persons to prepare their reports and yell about Lubuntu to entire world.

Ubuntu Budgie is doing so - https://ubuntubudgie.org/2020/09/ubuntu-budgie-20-10-release-notes/

Just a suggestion. Don’t be rude on responses :slight_smile: I know it not so easy to bring everything together. But this will help the project to get more community engagement and visibility.

Since the blog is where are release notes are and the blog is under source control, it’s already happening.


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