Downgrade from lubuntu backports

Hi, im trying to install lxqt 1.3.0 on ubuntu 22.04 but idk how can i command it to only download 1.3 instead of 1.4, when i try apt-get install lxqt=1.3 it doesnt work i need help thank you.

You can view what’s in the Lubuntu Backports PPA here, but when LXQt 1.4 was compiled and placed there; it replaced the LXQt 1.3 previously there, so there is no capacity via that PPA to do what you want.

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oh i see, is there any way for me to get 1.3? perhaps an archive ppa with older versions or another way? the problem with 1.4 is that after a fresh install of ubuntu 22.04 server and then installing lxqt on it the instant i change the theme background turns black, the option to change the background becomes greyed out and the start menu is un categorized and is very messy, it wasnt like this in 1.3. :frowning:

The LXQt version that came with Lubuntu 22.04 LTS (which will be identical to any Ubuntu Desktop/Server system with the Ubuntu repository LXQt added) is only 0.17, which is much older than 1.3; LXQt 1.3 was the version we provided with Lubuntu 23.10, LXQt 1.2 with 23.04 etc, with those older versions packaged & available for jammy or 22.04 users via backports (1.4 there now being what we’ve packaged for noble or 24.04)

I don’t know where you’d find LXQt 1.3, but I also suspect that’s not your issue, and wonder if you’ve added only parts of LXQt, but not all of it; thus your issue is something else (maybe check pcmanfm-qt for issues).


thank you for your time, i will go and check pcmanfm-qt for the possible solution also was wondering how can i install the full package of lxqt maybe im doing something wrong like you mentioned, i always added the ppa first then ‘sudo apt install xorg sddm openbox lxqt’ which did the job

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