Does Lubuntu manual/ReadTheDocs have a language switcher?

I am wondering if Lubuntu’s manual has a way to get translated on the fly via some feature supported by ReadTheDocs?

Based on the documentation for ReadTheDocs, it looks like they support something:

Also, based on this issue found on their Github, it kinda of looks like they support something of it:

The idea would simply be to have a way to change the language ad-hoc and have the page change it’s language to the desired language and then also be able to share a particular part of the manual (e.g. via URL) to the community or to a native for the language.

The reason this came to mind is because I recently shared a specific manual page to someone who looked to not speak English. I did so without confirming if they could even access the resource in their native tongue. It might benefit the community if there was a way to enable this kind of feature for the Lubuntu manual so that there was less of a hurdle for them to get the information they needed.

I still don’t know if this is something that’s feasible nor if it can even be applicable to Lubuntu as a project but I figure it’s at least worth bringing up.

It might be that this is already happening behind the scenes but I have no way to test that currently. :wink:


What about google translate in Firefox ?Open the manual in Firefox and right click - select “translate with google” works well in my native language (Icelandic) .


That is a good solution IMO for its friendlier learning curve–at least for those who are used to using it or who are ok with using that kind of functionality. I figure though it might eventually become easier for the non-English speaker (reader?) to just have a way to read (at the very least) the manual in their native tongue. I feel like if the documentation software has a way to enable that in something it supports natively, it will be less hassle for those folk in the community. I’m sure the folk who manage to visit the site and forums likely managed to do so because they can maybe understand some English or have ways to translate on the fly themselves already, but I can’t speak for all that come by. Of course, the problem with this kind of thing is how it would be implemented, how it would be made available, how that target audience would be made aware of this change, etc. I don’t have the answer to these unfortunately… I just felt awkward giving something in English to someone who clearly didn’t speak/read English. :sweat_smile:


For Chrome/Chromium-based browsers, I use an “ImTranslator”. Also, if the page is entirely in another language, Google will often offer to translate the whole page for me.

These days, I’d say that most everyone can figure out how to translate.