Documentation Suggestion: Explaining that users can bind one hotkey to `killall lxqt-panel` and another hotkey to `lxqt-panel`

I suggest adding a section to documentation, probably near here, called something like, "How to toggle the LXQt panel on and off."

I suggest that section contain some verbiage such as,

“Some users are annoyed by the LXQt panel popping up when they move their mouse to the area where the LXQt panel is hidden. If you are one of those users, we suggest you bind one hotkey to killall lxqt-panel and another hotkey to lxqt-panel. For example, you might bind killall lxqt-panel to the F5 key and lxqt-panel to the shift+F5 key. Then, to prevent the LXQt panel from popping up (to hide it completely), you would press the F5 key; whereas when you wanted to use the LXQt panel (say, to check the battery life of your laptop or launch an application) you would press the shift+F5 key. You can even add a script that will killall lxqt-panel so that each time you start up your computer (such as, reboot your computer), shortly after it boots up, the LXQt panel will be removed.”.

For more information please see…

Set one key combination to ‘killall lxqt-panel’ and another one to ‘lxqt-panel’ and that may work…

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