Do-release-upgrade in 20.10 found no new release

Hi, I’m running 20.10 and want to upgrade to 21.04. Why can’t “do-release-upgrade” find any new release?

It is not uncommon for do-release-upgrade to not be usable immediately after release. The d-r-u upgrade path is usually enabled about a month or so after release.

You can install and upgrade in place by booting to a 21.04 ISO, or by using do-release-upgrade -d which tells it to try and use the development release - 21.04 Hirsute Hippo - as the upgrade target, even if the standard upgrade path is not available.

(This upgrade path gets enabled globally for all flavors, not on a per-flavor basis, and only when there’s no critically-breaking changes that crop up during the upgrade process per testers and bug reports.)


Well got it. Thanks.

There are usually reasons for the upgrade not being opened, and they are usually placed in the release notes.

Lubuntu 21.04’s release notes suggests at the bottom to also read the main Ubuntu 21.04 release notes for known bugs (impacting Ubuntu & all flavors) which includes the following

Upgrades from Ubuntu 20.10 to Ubuntu 21.04 are not enabled as it is possible for some systems to end up in an unbootable state if they use EFI version 1.10 - bug 1925010. Release upgrades will be enabled once an updated version of shim is available which is compatible with EFI version 1.10.


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