Desktop Remote Access

What is the best practice with Lubuntu?

I’ve used a lot of things over the years, but the one I find most secure, efficient, reliable and feature rich solution is NoMachine. It may not be entirely open source but it is free and nearly flawless. Bonus for LXQt users: it uses Qt for its graphics library.

Note that NoMachine’s NX protocol used to be open source and so there are some open source implementations of this older protocol, most notably X2Go but it lacks the features of NX4. Remmina, a multiprotocol solution (GTK+, boo!) includes support for NX, but looking at the version of its dependencies, looks like it’s using NX3, too.

I would avoid RDP for fear of security issues though it’s the go to standard for Windows folks. Same goes for VNC.

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I will look into NoMachine!

Follow up. Installed NoMachine and love it, thank you again for the advice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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