Delete key in PCManFM-QT

Very recently I left Lubuntu 18.04 to start using Lubuntu 19.10 and thus begin to familiarize myself with the new desktop environment (LXQT). When testing, I detected a peculiar bug in the PCManFM-QT application in which the delete key does not generate the action of sending the files to the trash. only Shift + delete key combination works to permanently delete files. I assume that the fact that the delete key does not work is an error in the application because I have installed lubuntu 19.20 on different computers and the same error occurs in all of them, in addition in the PCManFM-QT manual it mentions the delete key as a shortcut to send files to trash.
I hope you can review this bug and can correct it as soon as possible.
Thank you very much for reading these lines and see you soon.

Welcome to the Lubuntu discourse forum @RetroOswi

All Ubuntu (and flavor) releases use a year.month format, and there is no 20th month. Do you mean 20.04?

I just created a ~/play directory and populated it with some files. I opened pcmanfm-qt and navigated to that directory, and pressing caused the files to disappear from my window, navigating to “Trash” showed the files I deleted with my delete key. I’m using Lubuntu 20.04 though, so I booted a 19.10 system on another box & had the same results.

Did you re-install in your move from 18.04 to 19.10? Also are you logged into a “Lubuntu” or “LXQt” session (not all Lubuntu keystrokes will be available using LXQt session)?

I would also suggest you looking in your Edit->Preferences settings within pcmanfm-qt, as the ‘behavior’ choices found there do influence if files go straight to trash, confirmation and other setting (and I suggest reading all settings, as I suspect it’s possible to mis-interpret an intention of a checkbox when only one is read instead of them all; but maybe that’s just me).