Dead spanish accent keys not working in LibreOffice Writer and other applications

Since a time ago I’m experimenting problems with dead keys in text processors like LibreOffice Writer, also with FeatherPad, in Telegram desktop official tool, but not in navigators like Google Chrome or Firefox. I use a lot the accent mark for spanish writing, and When I press the dead accent key, and then any vowel key like “a” or “e”, here in the navigator I obtain this: [á] [é], as usual, but in the applications above related, I don’t obtain the same result, it doesn’t works. I have Lubuntu distribution (Ubuntu 20.04) installed.

Also asked at 20.04 - Dead keys doesn't work with text processors in Ubuntu 20.4 - Ask Ubuntu

Sorry, if I understood what you were asking for & could have provided anything useful, I’d have responded when I saw your question last night.

What keyboard layout are you using?

I just tested with “English (US) English (Intl., with AltGr dead keys” and it works well enough in everything, including FeatherPad and LibreOffice Writer. It even works in the terminal.

Ññ éÉ - Those (and many more) are done by pressing and holding the AltGr (and/or Shift) and then pressing the character on the keyboard. AltGr is typically the right ALT key, and is sometimes labeled as such.

So, maybe try a different keyboard layout. This one works just wonderfully. I have been using it for decades, I’m pretty sure.


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