Cursor Scaling issues

Hey all. New to Linux and very new to Lubuntu (i have had a system with PopOS! on it for a year or so now, but never really took to the time to learn terminal commands or anything about linux) - but I’ve been jumping in now that i have a somewhat dedicated (older) laptop to mess around with. I’ve installed Lubuntu and really enjoy the look/feel of the desktop but I’ve come across one small issue that i cant seem to find any info on.

The mouse cursor keeps changing sizes and i cant seem to get the settings to save it.

example below: (apologies for cellphone photos)

In some windows, such as QTerminal, the mouse scales to a larger size:

It’s about double in size. I’ve gone into mouse & keyboard settings and lowered the cursor size - which seems to work until i logout or restart the computer. I would have to go through the whole process again.

Am i doing something wrong? is there a more permanent solution?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Very interesting phenomenon you have there. :open_mouth:

Some questions:

  1. What Lubuntu version/release did you install on your laptop? e.g. 21.10

  2. Did you apply any sort of custom theme to your desktop or maybe change default settings for Appearence? If yes, can you tell us what you changed and or post screenshots?

Tip: you can use ScreenGrab which comes by default in Lubuntu to take a screenshot of your desktop and you can upload that instead of taking a photo. You should be able to find this from the application menu on the bottom left of your screen or you can search for it via the runner (on-screen search). I think the default keybind for it is the F2 key. Application menu should open up by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard.

Thanks for the response.

I tried the screengrab tool, but the mouse isn’t visible when the screenshot comes out. That’s why i resorted to the cellphone to take a photo. I couldn’t think of anything else! lol.

I believe i’m on the latest version of lubuntu. The file i flashed to my usb is: lubuntu-21.10-desktop-amd64.iso

The laptop i am using is an old Macbook Pro 8. (broadcom drivers were the only real issue during installation - and there might be a (minor) screen tearing issue ). I am still experimenting with Distro’s. I had ubuntu budgie on here for a bit, but wanted to try something lighter. If it makes sense, i can reinstall and see if a fresh install has the same issue.

regarding themes; I didn’t install anything custom but i did mess with the default appearance setting a little. I changed the window themes to nightmare (i think) and modified the taskbar/widgets a little.

Going back to mouse and keyboard settings… the value for the cursor size is 125. If i lower it to 25 everything works fine till i reboot. then its set at 125 again.

Again, thank you for your help!


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Please check, that the configuration files are owned by you:

find ~/.config ! -user $USER

If the output is empty, everything is correct.


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