Creating SDDM themes for Lubuntu 20.04 - feasibility and assistance

I started playing around with making my own SDDM theme for the log-in screen. I am not a programmer, but I figured out some stuff about QML and have been testing my own with
sddm-greeter --test mode

I know the pitfalls of replacing .qml files, so I don’t want to go into that here. But I have two other questions:
(1) I was wondering if there is anything specific that needs to be known about SDDM themes for Lubuntu (versus, say, Kubuntu…)
(2) Other than the Qt website’s QML sub-forum, where might one go with questions about QML and making SDDM themes? (I ask because looking at the Qt forums, it doesn’t appear that SDDM themes are a major interest/focus of posters there.)


Why not go to SDDM themselves? If you go to their GitHub you’ll see they have a wiki on the subject. If you need more help, they have a mailing list and an IRC channel.

P.S. if you have something good, show it off! Maybe it will be the new theme for the next version of Lubuntu!

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I made my theme just testing a lot of themes available in:

My theme is hosted in:

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Oh no not Windows 10!

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Thank you. I have also been looking at some KDE themes and themes in Github.

Thank you. I found SDDM on Github already, but as I am not a programmer, I didn’t realize Github had communities formed around the code there. This is exactly what I was looking for.

(I doubt my theme will be acceptable to Lubuntu developers. I assume things like user icons and date/time clock are partly safety features, but I have removed them. It is extreme minimalism with only a background image, a transparent password field, and a shutdown button… The reason I need to contact other SDDM developers is that the password field has a border I can’t get rid of without modifying the passwordbox object, but I’m afraid I’m going to break functionality doing that because I don’t have enough understanding of QML…)