Couple of questions I have, before I move on

Here are the questions,

  1. is it a problem to use rufus to put the iso on a usb?
  2. How’s it like? is it old, new, modern, light, or huge?
  3. does it read usb and dvds? because i have like gta sa dvds i would like to put them in and play, that didnt work with Tiny Core.
  4. what apps does it come with? please, list them all.
  5. does it run on old computers? like under 1gb ram?
  6. is it easy to put exe softwares, or any applications on it? I will use the computer 100% offline, so everything will be via usb.

Other questions,

  1. Can you recommend me some games that work well with lubuntu?
  2. Can you recommend me some softwares that are essentials and needed for/with lubuntu?
  3. and, if there is like a game launcher, or an app launcher not included in the dowloading, please write that down too.
  4. If there are some like, tools needed to be downloaded to for example play some games (like java, or flash.) or some apps. please tell me.

1. I will use the computer 100% offline, because it doesnt have like wifi thing without putting cable on it, and the router is far away, so i cant put it there. so i will download everything by usb.
2. if this os doesn’t support old computers (1gb ram and under), please reply by saying it, and don’t answer any of the other questions. only say that it doesn’t support.
3. im downloading the 18.04.3 version because it has 32bit support.

I’m waiting for your reply! Merry Christmas!

PS. I have the LUBUNTU iso file downloaded.

I tested Lubuntu 18.04 LTS, 18.10 & early stages of 19.04 on x86 devices that had 1gb only of RAM. x86 support has now been dropped, so I only use 1gb boxes for testing 18.04 LTS now.

Yes I still use boxes with 1GB of ram and Lubuntu, though I’m careful with the apps I choose to run, and what runs together (ie. the libraries/toolkits used) or if they are very hungry for RAM; I close other programs first.

What you consider old though may differ, my oldest used machine is from 2003, but I primarily used slightly more modern hardware that was capable of booting thumb-drives.

I haven’t played DVDs in years, but yes they do play. By default I can’t recall; it may require the additional of libraries (see

You mention gta sa which reminds me of a playstation/xbox game, a proprietary format intended only for a specific machines. I don’t consider those DVDs.

Lubuntu 18.04 LTS comes with the following packages -, whilst not apps; it’s rather close. The original release notes for Lubuntu 18.04 LTS can be read at

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Okay, thank you for your reply. Though I have couple of questions related to your reply:

  1. what do you mean by: ‘a proprietary format intended only for a specific machines’? the dvd’s are simple, i put the dvd and open the dvd folder, than there is the setup .exe file which installs the game to the computer. And also tell me if i need an extra app to open .exe which is compatible with Lubuntu.
  2. Do you recommend any other packages/apps/games? Thanks for the link.

So now we know that it supports old computers.

For other users reading this, other than Guiverc:
This doesn’t mean for other users that I don’t read/look/reply at other responses as well, so if you’re reading this and saw and thought that ‘Oh look, guiverc responded, we dont need to respond anymore’. No, i would like to hear all others/you say, and your suggestions as well.

Rufus works fine. Rufus is a tool, that I recommend to use on Windows.

But before creating the USB, you should check the hashes of the downloaded ISO (SHA256).

You cannot run *.exe files, because they are compiled for Windows. If you have a lot of time, you could try to run the *.exe files with Wine.

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.exe sounds like it’s a DOS or windows application to me; a binary executable (thus EXE) allowing a larger memory footprint than the original .com

Windows or DOS command (.com) or executable (.exe) files require either dosbox (i use that myself on my Lubuntu 18.04 LTS t43p thinkpad to run a program I wrote back in the 1980s) or wine. This is required because they are not native programs, thus need something to translate the DOS/windows calls into POSIX compliant calls. It’s roughly the reverse of Microsoft’s WSL for windows 10.

What you plan on doing with your box really should control what applications you require. It’s pretty obvious games interest you, so I’ll list a couple

freedroid, kobodeluxe, lightyears, supertux, xscorch

If i want to play cards; kpat is my goto (it’s KDE/Qt based so I don’t always install it). There are some other KDE games I like konquest, knetwalk that I usually drag in if I load the KDE apps.

Your tastes may differ to mine, so this list will be of no value. Don’t forget if you want to install a package, all it’s dependencies need to also be installed at the same time, or already be installed. That is a major reason for the lubuntu-desktop link I provided (that I used to list what will get installed; getting installed as lubuntu-desktop depends on them). Thus maybe very useful to you (you can use commands too).

Owkay… This seems complicated. When I’ll install the os, and if i need help, ill come here to ask you in this thread.

Running Windows applications in Linux— any Linux distro— is complicated. It’s also true with OS X programs (which is even more complicated). They also all require some degree of overhead so they will severely tax resource-limited computers.

Also, Flash is dead.

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