Copying Large Folders

OK, so this time I need some help. Recently, using Windows 10 on a dual-boot system, I copied a large - 75+ gig - folder stored on an SD card to a similarly named folder on a 2TB USB drive. File systems of both the SD card and the 2T drive are exFAT.

Windows only copied 58G to the USB drive, and as well, APPARENTLY deleted the remaining files from the source drive (the SD card).

Using a Ubuntu utility, I was able to recover the deleted files (from the SD card) to my hard-drive. Then, still using Lubuntu (18.04) I copied the recovered files stored on my hard-drive into the same 2TB folder.

All the recovered files were stored in folders on my hard-drive that had nothing to do with the existing folders on my 2T drive.

To my dismay, ONLY the recovered files stored in the “recovery” folders appeared in the 2T drive. The other files, the ones already there on the 2T drive in other folders, were gone. I’m now copying the files still stored on the SB card into the 2T drive into a separate folder, so I will be made whole.

Any ideas what could be going on here?

Lubuntu 18.04 LTS is end of life which was also reported on this site and elsewhere, as such it’s off-topic on this site.

The only other OS you mention is a non-Lubuntu windows 10 system. Please also avoid language (even if disguised via letters only).


I am perfectly well aware that Lubuntu 18.04 is at end of life. I get the message every time I install updates on my 32 bit system. Also, I’m sorry that you found my mentioning of Windows so offensive. (Sheesh, this is SO redolent of the 1990’s “PC vs Apple” flame wars). I’m not crazy about Windows either, but for reasons that are none of your business, I need to use it occasionally. In this case, I assumed, perhaps naively, that a “copy” operation under one OS (Windows) would produce the same results as a “copy” operation under another OS (Lubuntu, regardless of which release).

I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when you write, “Please also avoid language (even if disguised via letters only).” Are you trying to say that I wrote something offensive? I have re-read my question, and the only “offensive” word that I can see, by your lights, is “Windows.”

I came to this site for help, not snark.

Now I will use some offensive language. redacted

Don’t bother to kick me out; I’m already gone.

I removed the word my caution was about from your post (and added some link breaks for readers to make it easier to read). If it wasn’t shouted (in all caps) I’d likely have ignored it.

I put two words in caps, except for those that applied to the technical terms. Is this your excuse?
Really, I’m looking for a way to get out of this forum. Maybe you can help me with that.

Oh, that’s an easy one. Just close the tab you have open and don’t open it back up again.

If you can’t get help here, you have two other options I’d recommend:

One is Ubuntu’s own forum. You can Google yourself there.

The other is visiting the forum at and asking there.

Just don’t be surprised if you find familiar faces in either spaces… it’s a small world after all.

This discussion thread might as well be closed.

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And I don’t want to be getting any more emails. Will this do the trick?

Thank you, That_Random_Guy, for your civilized advice.
My issue was a weird one, and I didn’t necessarily expect a solution, but I DID expect a respectful answer, even if it was something to the effect of “we don’t know,” rather than the snarky answer I got. Peace.
P.S. I hope to be gone from this forum immediately.

Some details on deleted accounts can be found on this site, eg.

Details on randomized accounts in discourse is also available.

I don’t currently see a direct request to leave; but

  • “I’m already gone”
  • “looking for a way to get out”

I can act on a clear request though.

FYI: If you click on the pen icon you can view prior edits & your original post; where you’ll discover I removed only 4 characters; three capital letters and a question mark; what my request on language related to.

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