Congratulations on 19.04

Congratulations to the Lubuntu team.

Also first :slight_smile:


Thanks for ringing our praises, @franksmcb. I gotta give a lot of credit, too, to the LXQt team, as they are actively developing at a rapid pace.

Speaking of teams, you’re always welcome to join. We can always use more help!


It might be tough getting @franksmcb @wxl we will have to woo him away from the mate team :wink:

There’s no reason to woo him away. He can do both. :smile:

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HAHA…I am far from skilled enough to do both. I can barely doing anything as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh there’s not a lot of special skills needed. Believe me, if you have a desire to help, I can help you find a place. And point you in the right direction if you need further skills.

Congratulations to both teams, Lubuntu and LXQt, for putting together a distro that is configurable, polished, and above all, FAST!

I’m keeping up with the Pending ISOs for 19.10, will start running tests soon.

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Thank you kindly, @albinard. Regarding testing, if you have any questions, catch us in the development category, the mailing list or via the development chat channel which you can find via IRC or Telegram (see here).

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