Computer takes +- 3 min booting

Greetings all and many thanks for your attention:

I installed Lubuntu 18.04 LTS on a inspiron 1525. I also partitioned the hard disk. The battery isn’t working so I took it from the computer.
Initially there was a problem with the wireless but now (thanks to the great Ubuntu community) it’s perfectly working.

The computer works very fine with video streaming, Libre Office, Internet, everythings seems to work very fluidly. The only problems are:

  • it takes about 3 minutos to boot. There’s also a scroll of information at the booting;
  • when hibernating it takes a minute or so waking up;
  • when shutting down also shows a scroll of information, but it’s quite fast turning off.

I would like to know how to create a file with that information (booting and shutting down) so that if possible I could correct any errors by your instructions and if I can generate also a file with the schematics of the partitioning so that any mistake could be amended in the same way.


  • I analysed everything, memory, disk, and the results were all fine.
  • the previous operating system was Windows Vista
  • I didn’t update the BIOS

Thanks in advance


I’m not sure what you mean by

but my guess is you’re seeing the standard boot messages (many users find them scary so plymouth screens usually hide them showing only Lubuntu, a logo and maybe some dots blinking as I recall). If it’s this the command dmesg will display it on the screen (very quickly), or you can

dmesg | less

to scroll through it. To save it to a file

dmesg >blah

which will redirect the dmesg output to the file titled “blah”. You can then view file or use any other viewer (cat blah |less etc) or editor. ps: view is what I use and used only as example, but it’s possibly not ideal for newbies due to it’s exit “:q” often being overlooked.

The plymouth screen should hide these messages by default, so maybe you modified your /etc/default/grub to not use default “quiet splash”, or my guess is just wrong (you mean something different to what I’ve read it as).

As for the systemd-analyze blame speed question, you’ve asked it on so I won’t go further here as you can follow up there (I’d ask the same thing anyway).

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Many thanks!

It was exactly what I was asking.
Is it relevant to do the same thing for the shutting down messages?
Can I do the same for the partitioning scheme?

Here’s blah!

Major thanks again!

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