Compton dissolved my terminal window - is it supposed to do that?

In a moment of weakness, I clicked on ‘compton’ in ‘Accessories’ on the Lubuntu 20.04 menu, and it seems to have sort of dissolved the open Qterminal window. Closing and reopening Qterminal has no effect. By dissolved I mean, it seems to have transparency set to a very high degree. I managed to undissolve it by killing compton process. Is that what it is supposed to do ?

Yes, it enables transparency and a few other things that escape my memory. It’s to be replaced with picom, as far as I know.

You can use compton and not have transparency with your terminal by changing the terminal preferences in the right click > preferences menu. In the preferences, you can change to full or no transparency. Note that there’s both ‘application’ and ‘terminal’ transparency settings in QTerminal, the default terminal. Other terminals will have different preference menus.

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