Completely new to Linux/Lubuntu and trying to install Tails

I’ve made it successfully to step two, but don’t understand what most of step two entails… Does Lubuntu have GNOME disks? If not, can I get it or something similar that would work? :confused:


Lubuntu is a Qt5 desktop (LXQt), so it would make no sense at all (ie. be very inefficient) to include gnome-disks or a program that cannot share libraries/toolkits already in RAM & used by the desktop & system itself.

Lubuntu has used KDE Partition Manager for the last seven releases (ie. since Lubuntu 18.10 or the first LXQt release & I’m not counting re-spins either). I provided the 21.10 (stable) manual as you didn’t provide any release details. It’s usually best to provide those details; as I can use links that better suit your installed Lubuntu.

I have no idea why you posted a tails link though. Tails is not Lubuntu, nor an application, but a different OS so it could be installed to replace Lubuntu, or sit alongside Lubuntu (even inside a VM) - however we don’t support Tails so you’re off-topic here.

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You want to use Lubuntu to install Tails ?
I am curious though, how on earth did you install Lubuntu ? If you can figure out that, it’s not too hard to install the same way with Tails.

If you post a link to the guide you are following we could probably offer substitutions for applications that are installed in Lubuntu. If there aren’t any viable alternatives we could offer instructions on how to install what the guide recommends.


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