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I use Lubuntu 19.10 and after the Setup I have no idea how I can import my .icm-colour-Profile from my old ubuntu-PC.

At my old PC I use ubuntu 18.04 and there is no problem at all – I just choose there in „preferences > devices > colour settings“ the right profile (*.icm-File) and it is imported right away… no problems here.

Now I ask myself how can I import this colour-profile for my screen in Lubuntu?

When I go to „Monitor Settings“ in the LXQt Configuration Center there is indeed a list… but the only thing that is listed here is „eDP-1“ (which looks like a basic colour/screen profile).

I can not add a new colour profile-file here, as I mentioned above…

I highly appreciate any kind of ideas / solutions regarding this topic!


WARNING: I have never heard of these color profiles in my life and have zero experience with them whatsoever.

That said, here’s what shows up in “Preferences” in a fresh 18.04 install:


You’ll notice no “Devices” so perhaps you have something installed that handles this? Look in /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications for files ending with .desktop with Name=Devices in it and see which application it’s calling with the Exec key.

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thanks for ur reply!

as i use a german version of Ubuntu (not Lubuntu) at my old PC there it says: “Einstellungen>Geräte>Farbe”, there is the point where i can choose/import colour profiles.

the marked thing in this picture is the color profile file i had imported when i freshly installed ubuntu 18.04.

Now i changed to Lubuntu which i absolutely love, but i miss that part as I configured my screen eye friendly with a calibration tool and dont have that tool anymore - so i am in some way - dependent on this .icm Profile to import…

I was wondering if there is a similar function in Lubuntu, or maybe is it planned for upcoming 20.04LTS?

There seem to be ways to do this non-graphically but from what I can tell there are no plans to include this in LXQt and there’s no support for it in LXDE (which is essentially dead). You’re welcome to write an upstream feature request on the subject, though, via LXQt’s GitHub.

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Im sorry but I have no idea where I can to that on github. I signed up there but even in the Help Center i dont find any feature to do that “upstream feature request”… There is so many stuff I don’t understand on github so it is very hard for me to finde the place where I have to write my request down on the right place so the right people will read it.?

I neither have any idea what a color profile is, nor have previous experience with github. But when it comes to Linux I have habit of testing depth of water with both feet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin: I managed to create a feature request issue on LXQt github. Please add further details there.

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So if your desktop environment doesn’t support this, it’s a total pain in the brain to deal with. LXQt does not. I’m not sure they’re going to support the idea, but we’ll see.

You can install colord-kde which has little in terms of dependencies and will do the trick.

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I installed colord-kde and there were also installed with it:

argyll argyll-ref gnome-color-manager libcanberra-gtk3-0 libcanberra-gtk3-module
libcolord-gtk1 libvte-2.91-0 libvte-2.91-common

There were no options added in the Preferences, BUT:

When i rightclick the .icm file, I have two choices:
“installation program for icc profiles”
“icc profile installation”

The first choice worked, but without any window that approved that it happened…when i rightclick and try again it says that the profile is already imported.

Thats a big step in the right direction imo :slight_smile:

Two questions come up though:

  • can all the packages that where installed with “colord-kde” have a negative impact on my LXQt experience in the future, as it seems like “gnome based” stuff? Or are that just tools from gnome that work independently of the desktop environment?

  • When I go to monitor settings again it shows me just the same as before:
    In “Settings” i cant change anything… in general I cannot change a single thing in this window… neither without the imported icc profile, nor with it… that is what is still confusing me…

Usually there should be an option to choose, which color profile I want to apply?
Or is the eDP-1 the regular “unchangeable” standard profile and the icc-Profile has just been added to it?

happy about any ideas for this!
and thanks a lot for ur support! highly appreciate it!

I don’t think there are many people using icm/icc profiles (I only have a small idea of what they are), and less in LXQt, so you might be on your own, but you could open the path for LXQt :slight_smile:
KDE is also QT based so, since the package color-kde is for KDE, I wouldn’t worry much for “gnomish” they should have done the best they could.
I would follow the feature request @saivinob created upstream and also look at the link @wxl to arch wiki.
The ideal would be that LXQt handles it but apparently it doesn’t, but you could help LXQt to build it
Happy testing!:slight_smile:

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