Cloud Drive Integration


I have had a quick search an can’t find anything on this sibject. Apologies if I have missed something. I have moved to Lubuntu from Ubuntu MATE. Really don’t consider myself a power user and so far think it’s great.

One issue, I used to use Insync to access my Google Drive and Dropbox. That would be very useful. Any suggestions for what is the best approach to doing this in Lubuntu?

Running 22.04.3 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)



I tested Insync on an install I had and it seemed to work for me. I followed the posted instructions for Ubuntu (Lubuntu IS Ubuntu just with a different desktop environment). After I installed Insync I did an insync start in the terminal and it started. The Insync icon showed in the tray as running and I was able to add a folder in my Google Drive that started syncing.

If you bumped into an issue can you explain what it was?


FWIW, there is a functionality matrix a bit down the page on Insynch’s website. Not all functions are available on all platforms. It’s easy to talk past each other.

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Thanks to you both for replying. My mistake was not running insync start - I thought it was already running as the dialog appeared - anyway it is working for me now so thank you!!


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