Chuwi small cheap 10" laptop review

An extended use review from OS News of a very cheap, small laptop. For those interested in a form factor between large 14"-17" laptops and tablets/phones.
Apparently very sluggish with stock Windows 11 but flies with Linux (Fedora with KDE in the reviewer’s case).

Part of why I’m posting it here is because just yesterday I posted that literally the first thing I do after installing Lubuntu on a laptop (in fact, even before I install, when running the live system to install it) is turn on “tap to click”. To me, it’s insane that it’s off by default but then this review has the line:

It’s a multitouch trackpad, though, so it does come with some niceties like multi-finger gesture support, two-finger scrolling, tap-to-click (for you weirdos who use that),

Apparently I’m the weirdo for wanting tap to click. :grin:


I have a dual boot mini pc that uses the N100 on DDR4, it only cost me around us$190. Win11 does not seem sluggish at all, although I very rarely boot into windows.

The N100 chip has really brought down the price of these budget devices. It’s usually combined with DDR5 and M.2 SSDs on PCIe, I’m eyeing a Chuwi 15.6" as a present for someone, it’s less than us$300 !

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That you are! I find it loathesome. We killed that back in the Disco era:

Genuinely curious, what is it about tap-to-click that is loathsome for you?
The only problem I can imagine is maybe accidental activation, but that just doesn’t happen for me (at least on the touchpads I have).

On the laptops I use, tap-to-click just seems so much easier for me, and easier on the buttons (some of them feel like they would quickly wear out if I used them constantly).

Disclosure: On my main machine, I only use tap-to-click “on the move”. Most of the time my laptop plugged into a USB hub with external mouse, keyboard etc.

Accidental activation is absolutely the problem.

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