Chrome vs. Firefox on Lubuntu 20.04 LTS

I’m a long time Firefox user on Linux. I use Chrome only to take advantage of Chromecast for certain websites. But, I’ve noticed that on Lubuntu 20.04 Chrome way faster than Firefox. Especially for animations like a weather radar loop. It’s not even close. Any one else experiencing this?

It’s from linux mint but it’s for all linux distro’s;

No but I also don’t/wouldn’t use it normally. Chromium is distributed as a Snap which has additional overhead due to that. Chrome doesn’t have that issue but it’s also not open source and includes telemetry to a company that actually eerily removed their “don’t be evil” motto.

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I see only one item (maintaining the Places database) that increases Firefox performance, while seeing at least one that increases it (sandboxing) and a bunch of stuff that’s just a matter of UI preference. Seems pretty useless in this context.

I don’t use The sandbox, I did all the other things and Firefox is faster. A copple of years ago was firefox fasther than Chromium but there they have added some extra stuff and firefox has slowed down as a result. with these settings it becomes a little faster again

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