Change Display/Monitor Orientation From Landscape to Portrait

Hi Team,

i want change display/monitor orientattion from landscape to portrait , especially when the OS is on or off.
my questions is how to make orientation then monitor auto portrait when the OS is on or off ?

You can change display orientation as described in the manual on this page -

You’ve not said what release you’re asking about, so I’ve assumed the latest or stable release which is Lubuntu 23.04 (for the manual link I provided).

Sorry I don’t understand what you’re meaning with the ‘OS on or off’. I wonder if you’re asking about modify a config file (such as ~/.config/lxqt/lxqt-config-monitor.conf or something else) but it’s unclear to me. FYI: LXQt settings will only impact the LXQt desktop system when logged in (ie. when LXQt is running)

Hi @guiverc ,

im using lubuntu 20.4, when the pc is on ( start ) or off (shutdown) it will show splash screen logo and the default orientation is landscape and i want change itu to be portrait
which part command if i can modify a config file?


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Lubuntu 20.04 LTS is end of life with regard Lubuntu support, as was published on this site, and our main site

As was stated in those announcements

After April 28th, 2023, the only supported releases of Lubuntu will be 22.04 (until April 2025), 22.10 (until July 2023), and 23.04 (until Jan. 2024). All other releases of Lubuntu will be considered unsupported, and will no longer receive any further updates (or support) from the Lubuntu team.

FYI: You’ll also find the same on Ubuntu 20.04.5 announcements too; where only 3 years of support applied to flavors, which is why there is no mention of any flavor of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS mentioned on 20.04.6 announcements.

FYI: For anyone reading this message, and still on Lubuntu 22.10, please be aware you’re in the last hours of support for that release, which the EOL this Thursday.

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