Can't install Elixir

I am trying to install elixir on 22.10 but I get error messages that show that the repository does not exist.

When I trace the path by either IP or name I get the same results.

Err:3 Index of debian impish/contrib amd64 erlang-base amd64 1:24.1.7-1

And BTW how am I supposed to log a fault meaningfully Iif I can only add two links??

Further error msg

Get:4 Index of debian impish/contrib amd64 erlang-crypto amd64 1:24.1.7-1 [192 kB]
Ign:4 Index of debian impish/contrib amd64 erlang-crypto amd64 1:24.1.7-1

Please remember that version 22.10 is not yet released. It is still in a development phase, and things can be changed in ways that break the function of some more or less related tasks.

You are welcome to take part in testing, but you cannot expect everything to work now, or to get it fixed at once. When you find bugs, please report them at Launchpad. And you can discuss bugs and features here.

Edit: I notice that the package elixir can be installed from the repository universe, which means that it is loosely tied to the Ubuntu family. Maybe there is no candidate yet for kinetic kudu (to be released as 22.10). How come your error messages mention impish, which has passed end of life? Are you running impish, version 21.10, not 22.10? In that case your problem is that it is no longer supported.


I upgraded to 22.04 from 21.10 and now it sees the repositories.