Can't enable autologin in Lubuntu 16.4.6


This is a fresh install of Lubuntu 16.4.6 using the iso from the official download site. MD5sum checks.

I disabled the “ask for password” option and also included the only user in the “no login password” group.
It still shows the login dialog where I have to click on “unlock” for it to login.

This is inconvenient because I use this PC as a printer server for 2 printers and there’s no monitor or keyboard connected to it.

Is there any way I could solve it?
Thanks in advance.

We stopped supporting Xenial in April. At this point, the right choice would be to reach out to the Ubuntu Community.

That said, a tip: it’s using lightdm 1.18.1 as a display manager. According to the default config file at that time, as well as the wiki page, it seems it’s pretty easy.

On the other hand, there’s at least one known bug about autologin not working in Xenial. I couldn’t find any more detail on whether or not that issue has been confirmed or if there’s a resolution.

There’s also a possibility that using the users-admin tool (that’s the “Users & Groups” thing in the menu) might have some bug in it, too. It may be presumptuous that it works natively with lightdm.

I don’t really have any Xenial virtual machines to test any of this, unfortunately.

What I can tell you is that in Bionic, when I set the “do not ask for password” setting, it doesn’t mean that it logs in automatically. It just means it doesn’t ask for the password. You still have to hit login.

Noumeno’s solution is correct there, though it should include [Seat:*] and not [SeatDefaults], so don’t change that.

My experience: lightdm is finnicky and generally poorly documented. sddm is way easier to work with. Just have to make my plug for the LXQt-equipped Lubuntu :slight_smile:

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go to /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/ and edit 60-lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf




but as wxl says that system is out of support

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Thank you both for answering.
I will definitely try that and post the results.

Maybe I’m supposed to open another thread? I just wanted to comment on what you said about support. I’m guessing support in these forums, right? I checked the release cycle and thought it was still good. I chose that one because 18x runs slow. It’s a very old PC and I just use it for the sole purpose of sharing 2 usb printers. I don’t wanna compromise security (although I could isolate in the router that pc from accessing the outtide world).
I have some issues with the sharing but that’s another topic, for now I’m using it remotely to print (teamviewer)

The important thing about support is this image, found on our downloads page:


In it, you can see that Lubuntu supports 16.04 until (April) 2019. After that, there is additional support until (April) 2021. This is handled by the “Ubuntu Community.” That means you’ll get various upgrades but they likely will have nothing to do with LXQt/LXDE (i.e. nothing really specific to Lubuntu). For our purposes here, that means that we as a team no longer support it, so this is not the right place to come to ask questions.

18.04 should run at the same degree that 16.04 does. If there’s a problem, it’s probably related to systemd or something. That is something you could get support from us on.