Can't change screen resolution using Monitor Settings or xrandr

My laptop has a native resolution of 2240x1400 (16:10). When I change the resolution to another 16:10 ratio like 1920x1200 using LXQT Monitor Settings the screen goes black and comes back at the 2240x1400. Same thing when I change the screen resolution with xrandr.

I am running a fresh install of Lubuntu 23.10 on a Lenova IdeaPad Flex 5 14ALC7 with a AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with integrated graphics.

Any help would be appreciated, or if someone can tell me what info I need to fill out a bug report.

I replied on the Telegram support channel but for the benefit for others I will add some information here.

Starting the bug process is easy. In this particular case the package to file it against is the lxqt-config package (this handles the gui settings for the monitor). Open a terminal and issue ubuntu-bug lxqt-config. It should walk you through the process in a browser window. You will need a launchpad account.

You do seem to have found a bug. When you select a different resolution it should present a popup window that asks you to confirm the settings change is working. When you press the “yes” it retains the settings. If you don’t press anything it reverts back to the original setting. Obviously if your screen goes black you can’t see the dialog to confirm. :wink: Filing a bug is best, it will attach any relevant log files automatically to help diagnose further.

Thank you for your report so that Lubuntu and LXQt will be better for everyone.


Thanks for the help, Dan. I did file a bug report with the information given to me.


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