Can't change Default Lock screen

Hello! Installed Lubuntu 20.04 almost a week ago and liking it. But I don’t know how lock screen works. Tried changing by moving a file in /usr/share/sddm/themes/lubuntu and editing theme.conf file. But lock screen just goes white.

Any solution please?

SDDM really has nothing to do with the lock screen. xscreensaver is what’s doing the work there. There has been extensive discussion on the subject and ultimately the LXQt team and Lubuntu teams are in agreement that the absolute most secure solution for a lock screen is xscreensaver, but you can always change it if you don’t care about security or the reliability of locking. The means depend on what you’re using, but there’s some hints in that issue I linked.

Brother wxl, sorry but I also don’t know what LXQt is. To my understanding, it’s a graphics loader or something. But why are there LXQt Desktop and also Openbox options in lock screen?

And, is screensaver’s default screen unchangeable?

LXQt is the desktop environment Lubuntu uses.

As for xscreensaver, it’s highly configurable (there’s like 200+ algorithms, most of which are themselves configurable) unless you want to actually change the dialog where you enter your password. There’s prettier alternatives for that, but they’re not secure.

With the “lock screen” you mean the login screen after booting?

Good point! I fail to think of that as the lock screen but ultimately it is a screen that locks one out of using the desktop, so it could be it. And that IS SDDM. If that’s the case what do you want to change and what exactly did you try to do?

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