Cannot totally disconnect from wifi

I cannot see an option in the latest Lubuntu to totally disconnect from a Wi-fi network. Right click doesn’t work, on click it disconnects but reconnects. What if I type in the wrong password accidentally or what if the wifi password changes, how can I disconnect completely from a wifi network and retype the correct password? I am also using Lubuntu 18.04 on my small netbook and that one doesn’t have such issues, only the latest version of Lubuntu has this issue. Can anyone help me?

Because you are now connected, you had used the correct password. Otherwise a connection would not have been happened.

A way to cut the connection totally is to uncheck ‘Enable Wi-Fi’ after a right-click on the tray icon of the network manager according to chapter 3.1.4 of the Lubuntu manual.


18.04 isn’t supported.

In supported releases, should you need to deal with your hypothetical, you can just edit the connection.


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