Can not install 19.04 on dual xeon in asus c621e

i have one workstation with below specification. i can not install Lubuntu 19.04 on it BUT i can install Ubuntu 19.04 .
CPU : DUAL CPU (Gold 6140 XEON)
Motherboard : ws c621e sage Asus
Graphic Card: AMD RX580

when boot on Bootable usb and select install Lubuntu : i do not have any feedback
when boot on Bootable usb and select install Lubuntu when set nomodeset in Grub : system boot but hang in middle of boot and stop



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Did you check the hashes? Or check for defects?

yes ISO is OK
i use it on another system and work correctly
note: As I said before Ubuntu 19.04 install and work correctly

A download or copy error could result in a single bit of data being off. This might result in it working on one system, but not on another. So, I’m not asking you if the ISO is ok, but I’m asking you if you have absolutely guaranteed that the hashes check out and the check for defects passes.

Can you try this?

I test it work with iommu-soft work with my amd 580 GPU in other Board (Threadripper + x399 msi)

BUT in dual xeon scalable not work

Hi wxl

Yes , I sure with hash iso && usb boot is clear

That’s a GPU-specific switch. If you have a different GPU it would likely need a different switch.

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